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According to the Section 196(4) of the Companies Act 2016, there should be at least ONE director must ordinarily reside in Malaysia, by having a principal place of residence in Malaysia. Other requirements are as below (to be fulfil by all directors):-
  • A director shall be a natural person who is at least 18 years of age.
  • A director shall not an undischarged bankrupt.
  • A Director has not been convicted whether within or outside Malaysia of any offence:
    • in connection with the promotion, formation, or management of a corporation.
    • involving fraud or dishonesty punishable on conviction with imprisonment for three months of more; or
Under section 213, 217, 218, 228 or 539, within a period of five years preceding the date of this declaration.

In a lot of cases, foreigner who wish to set up a company in Malaysia, they will face difficulties to fulfil the “residential address” requirement above. So, it is advisable they engage a Nominee Director to fulfil the requirement. 

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